Monday, July 23, 2012


We've generally had large dogs, the largest two, Buster and Roger, Weighing in at 88 lbs and 86 lbs respectively. So you can imagine how astounded we were when Artie came across a news article about George, the world's largest dog.

That's a lotta dog!

George lives in Arizona, is about 7 years old, tipps the scales at 245 lbs and is 43 inches from the ground to his shoulders. That's BIG even for a Great Dane. His paws are as big a a man's hands and at first sight, he looks more like a small horse that a large dog. George recently has become the subject of a book about his life entitled Giant George: Life With The World's Biggest Dog.

George also eats 110 lbs. of food a month. I couldn't imagine cooking for him!

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