Saturday, July 7, 2012


The heat wave continues. Annie and I are riding the dog days out by remaining firmly ensconced indoors, taking advantage of the air conditioner. I turn the AC off for a few hours a couple of times during the day but I make sure to keep the windows and blinds closed and most of the lights off.

Artie and I have started transitioning Annie over to a  raw food diet. First we used Stella and Chewy's Raw Chicken Patties as a substitute for meat in her daily meals. It seemed to work well with Annie enjoying her food even more than usual.

When we last visited Hope Veterinary Clinic we purchased a four lb. bag of Primal Canine Chicken Formula which is supposed to be a complete diet. As with any other dietary change, I'm slowly transitioning her with one quarter raw and three quarter cooked food. Annie is enjoying it and she seems to be satisfied with this change as well. For now I intend to move the ratio to half and half keeping it there for the time being.

I need to decide where to go from here. Commercial raw diets are expensive - I need to decide if this is an expense we can afford and, if not, what are my options?  So we start a grand experiment. How will this new way of feeding play out? Only time will tell.... 

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