Monday, July 9, 2012


The humidity is gone and the temperature is bearable enough that I was able to shut the AC today. It's sunny and breezy; both Annie and I are thankful for this break from such extreme weather.

Annie was stinky and smelly and greasy and totally uncomfortable from the heat so yesterday Artie and I gave her a bath. She was reluctant to get into the tub, needing coaxing and ultimately shoving into the bathroom then lifting of the front legs over the tub before she hopped in.

Once in, she seemed reluctant to stay (not like her at all) but we managed to get her good and clean. At the end of the bath, Annie couldn't wait to jump out of the tub, shaking herself silly, twisting around and hopping like a jack rabbit.  Toweling her off was a major job which culminated in us giving up and turning her loose.

She flew out of the bathroom and ran around the house like a lunatic for a good ten minutes, bouncing off the furniture, running around doorways and pushing her paws off the walls! It was definitely the best entertainment we've had in a long time. When Annie tired herself out, she proceeded to collapse on my bed and promptly went to sleep.

Today she seems totally relaxed. After taking her usual ten minutes of sun she is snoozing contentedly on my recliner. A dog's life - it's not so bad after all.

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