Sunday, July 22, 2012


Henry Bergh must be spinning in his grave. Imagine The Great Meddler looking down upon his beloved New York City heartbroken knowing the work he started is far from done. The visionary who created the ASPCA would be appalled by the continued euthanasia of animals without permanent homes as well as continued cruelty.

From time to time I read about various bills put forth to improve the plight of companion animals and the accompanying pros and cons. Here are my general thoughts on this subject and what should be in incorporated into law:

  • Every rescued animal coming into a shelter such as AC&C, ASPCA, Humane Society or specific rescue groups must be checked for microchips and every effort made to locate owners if a chip is found or the animal has a tag.
  • All animals up for adoption should be routinely spayed/neutered before adoption - this should not be left to the new owner to do. If we can find the money to pay for euthanasia, we can turn that money to better use and allot a portion for spay/neuter. It's a simple equation, less births = less deaths.
  • Rescue groups should be allowed to adopt from shelters in order to preserve lives of as many animals as possible.
  • We need to find ways to allow financially strapped pet parents to continue to support their pets instead of surrendering them for adoption. I'm talking about the poor, those out of work and the homeless.

Pet owners need to become pet parents. Whether your pet has fur, fins, scales or feathers he or she isn't a  possession but rather a living, breathing member of your family. Treat them as such. That means sacrificing to keep them with you. If you can't commit to this type of human/pet relationship don't take in an animal to begin with. Owning a pet is for the long haul not for your convenience.

I'm by no means an expert and my comments are basic but I believe valid. Henry Bergh, a man who did not have pets or children, worked tirelessly for the benefit of both. His fellow New Yorkers should do no less. In fact, there's no excuse for all of us not to do our part to move his work forward. 

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