Sunday, November 30, 2014


I can't believe how much time has passed since my last post. My life has been crazy busy. A mother cat took up residence on our front porch with her brood of six kittens. The litter was approximately eight to twelve weeks old.

With six playful kittens on show daily my front porch quickly turned into a three-ring circus. People were detouring to our block as they went about their daily business in order to get a glimpse of the kittens. Some people were making it a point to bring their children to see the little ones.

Mom was still nursing so we left the furry family alone planning to TNR all including Mom when the kittens were weaned.  Eventually solid food became part of their food consumption along with their regular feedings from Mom.  The babies had mucous coming out of their eyes but with Mom on the defensive and the kittens wary of us I decided to add supplements to their food keeping a careful watch on their eye conditions. In no time their eye issues cleared up.  Mom also had discharge from one eye but she appeared fine otherwise.

This went on from late September to late October when the kittens were finally weaned. What happened next is a story for another post.

Very first kitten photo.
Mom keeping an eye on her brood.

Four of the kittens playing.