Friday, April 5, 2013


And with that thought in mind, I decided to join the 2013 Ultimate Blog Party hosted for the seventh year in a row by 5 Minutes for blog. A great idea for bloggers and readers-of-blogs to find other sites in the blogosphere to visit, I came across UBP 2013 while reading a post at a blog I follow faithfully.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Barbara - Brooklyn Pet Mom. There are plenty of Moms in the world only some of us have kids with paws and tails. That's what my blog 8 Paws and 2 Tails is all about - my experiences as a pet mom and all the trials, tribulations and unconditional love that come with having pets for kids.

Let me tell you about my kids. When I started blogging it was with the intention to share my experiences caring for my Maine Coon Tabby mix, Buddy, a cat with a chronic disease (renal failure). Since that time the blog has expanded to include my dog Annie's recurring urinary tract infections and her recent cancer surgeries.

Along the way, I've added any news article or information I've found interesting, useful or just plain fun - all animal related of course.  With the loss of Buddy, the blog expanded again to include my experiences with managing Buddy's illness during his terminal stage, dealing with euthanasia, cremation and the stages of grief. 

Currently 8 Paws and 2 Tails chronicles my brother Artie's and my decision to join Neighborhood Cats, become TNR certified, our experiences managing a feral colony of 6 and our decision to rescue one of the colony by making him the newest member of our indoor family. Christened Orphée, this 15-pound Main Coon mix upstart has been diagnosed as FIV+ and we are slowly getting him house, people and Annie-acclimated.

So welcome to my site! If you like what you read, visit with us awhile or better yet follow us! Leave a comment - let me know what you like, what you don't like and what you'd like to read about. And check out the UBP for other great blogs.

Buddy & Annie, definitely not the partying type.

Orphée, happy to join the party!


  1. Your pets are adorable!

    Just dropping by from the #UBP13. You have a terrific blog

    here. Looking forward to getting to know you better! I hope you

    find the time to stop by my site. Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Hi Cascia! So nice to meet you thru UBP13. It's always fun to connect with another blogger. Your site is great - very informative. Having been a longtime caregiver as well as a pet mom, I found quite a few of your articles to be spot on. Enjoy the blog party & stop by my site from time to time; I'll be stopping by yours.

  2. So excited to come across your blog at the UBP13. I can't wait to keep reading. We have a little zoo here, a Blue and Gold Macaw, turtle, 2 adopted cats and my stepson's Cockatiel. We used to have a Basset Hound, he died of renal failure and Pebbles, a cat that I had when I first moved out on my own, she passed at 19. Good long life!

    Our one adopted cat, Franklin was just under a year and broke his leg twice. It was quite the ordeal and expense but he's a special little boy. He's got some plates and screws in his little leg but he's doing really well.

    I have a cat site on the back burner but I should probably start working on it.

    You should know that you are a real special person in my book. Nice to meet you!

    1. WOW, Angie! At age 10, my Dad started with tropical fish; at 1 point we had 5 tanks. I've raised everything from guppies to bettas. We've had parakeets, frogs, salamanders, toads & a box turtle. And that doesn't count the 7 dogs we've had before Annie. I'd say we're kindred souls.

      I'm happy we've connected. It's great to have a personal experience site concerning weight loss to read; I've lost weight by changing eating habits so I know & support what you're doing.

      With your little 'zoo' I'd say you are special too. If a cat site is your desire, go for it! Enjoy UBP13, it's great to make your acquaintance.

  3. Visiting from The Ultimate Blog Party and A Dish of Daily Life! When I saw the name of your blog, I just knew I had to visit. In addition to 3 children, we also have 7 furry family members (3 dogs and 4 cats), 6 of which are rescues. I write a lot about our animal experiences as well. :) Your Orphee is beautiful! Annie looks like a sweetie too. I am so sorry about Buddy...losing a beloved family member is hard. Over the years we have had to say goodbye to a few of our pets as well. They truly are a blessing to have in our lives!

    1. Hi Michelle - Thanks for stopping by! You have 3 beautiful children; I love your family photo. I really had a good laugh over Murphy's antics. Yes, having a puppy is just like having a toddler. Annie's 10 now but it took many years for her to show any signs of maturing. At 3, Orphee's unpredictability as he adjusts to family life is a great source of entertainment for us.

      I'm glad we met thru UBP13; I'll be dropping by your blog often.

  4. Furkids can be just as much work as real kids! Glad I found you on UBP13! I'll be sure to drop by! I just have one dog (Luna), but she can be a handful! Visit Luna and I at

  5. Furkids-what a great description for our furry babies! Yes, they can be as much work as real kids, sometimes more. Glad you partied at UBP13 & we connected. I dropped by your site; Luna is adorable. Annie is part Beagle too. I will visit again.

  6. I'm still not done partying! =P I just found your blog on UBP13, and boy am I glad I did! Most of the blogs I follow deal with animals and animal rescue, but this might be the first one to talk about both dogs and cats. I wish I could have a cat, but for now I have one rescue mutt and I foster dogs off and on. I'm excited to follow you!
    -Kayla, from

  7. Kayla, I just visited your blog & I must say I'm impressed! It's great. Nice to meet someone who is parenting & fostering. Your dogs are adorable. Animal rescue is a noble endeavor but sometimes we need to be reminded it starts with one. If we adopt one dog, rescue one cat or manage a feral colony responsibly it does have a profound impact on their lives & the pet population.