Tuesday, July 31, 2012


There is a place in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts called Camp Unleashed and it's a camp for dogs and their humans.

You can attend with your furry family member(s) for a long weekend of four days. Most activities are geared for outdoors with the exception of inclement weather when activities are moved indoors. There is hiking and swimming plus other activities and pet parents are encouraged to take their animals' off-leash. Of course, there are canine-themed lectures geared towards improving the human- pet bond.

The prices run from about $800 per person-pet campers in shared lodging to about $1,000 per person-pet campers in private lodging. Add a second person to the equation at a cost of around $630.  There are additional services offered not included in the set price. People food is supplied but campers must bring their own dog food.

Annie Brody is the Founder and CWO (Chief Woof Officer) of Camp Unleashed. If you are looking for a different experience for you and your canine family member their website is:

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