Thursday, July 26, 2012


We had beautiful weather yesterday - sunny, comfortable and a perfect day to tackle the jungle of weeds that is our backyard.

Artie and I spent a good 3 - 4 hours pulling weeds, digging up roots, cutting tree branches and training the new growth on our climbing roses. At least now we can monitor the traffic through the yard. When we were about half way finished, one of the girls (the pregnant one) appeared in the next yard. I decided we should take a break, get Annie inside and feed the girl.

She was so hungry, she came into the yard stopping about 3 feet from Artie while he changed the water and put down the food bowl. Once she finished, back she went to the other yard. At that point, we came out and continued working away.

When we finished, we had the biggest pile of weeds I've ever seen. Our next step is to pack up the weeds and put them out with the trash. The cut tree branches need to be tied up in bundles and a time scheduled for Sanitation to pick the bundles up. After all of the refuse has been dealt with we will rake the earth, turn and even the soil then sweep the cement.

Annie now has her entire yard back except for the part that belongs to the roses.

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