Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Some of the strays came through the yard this weekend. One of the girls stopped by Saturday - it was the one that looks exactly like Mommy. Artie put out food and fresh water when she showed up and to our dismay, we discovered she is pregnant. We will have to keep watching for the kittens now so she can be trapped and neutered before she becomes pregnant again. 

The security light went on Sunday night and when Artie checked it was the Norwegian Forest Cat. Elated and excited, we prepared food. While Artie was serving the meal the cat hopped the fence into our next-door neighbor's yard and didn't come back even after the food was out and we were safely inside.

We went to the back window to see what would develop but Brother showed up instead. He polished off the meal before going on his way.

I checked on the TNR class; at the moment none are located where I can get to them easily.  I just need to keep checking.

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