Monday, July 30, 2012


Early this morning I let Annie into the yard to take care of business and get some exercise. While we were out, I noticed one of the girls watching us from the next yard. More to the point, she was watching me.

I knew what that meant - she was hungry. Annie spotted her and started to cry so I told Annie to go on the porch where I closed the gate and came in to prepare food.

Once Annie's breakfast was ready to serve, I brought her in then proceeded to get clean water and a meal for the girl. Apparently she was very hungry. She came so close to me without my knowing it, startling me when I lifted my head.

Figuring the other girl and Brother weren't far behind; I put out an entire can of cat food. I was wrong. No one else showed up and the girl polished off 99% of the meal on her own. This has convinced me I've made the right decision to commit myself to the care of these cats. I need to get training and certified as quickly as possible.

The girl that looks exactly like Mommy.

Still afraid even though we're meeting her needs.

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