Thursday, July 5, 2012


Yesterday didn't turn out exactly as we hoped. The weather was way too oppressive for all of us, Annie included. We did spend some time outside and it really got to me and Artie.

We moved our celebration inside, turned the AC on, put on the TV and enjoyed the televised festivities as we had our dinner and dessert. it was obvious Annie appreciated being inside. She sprawled out on the couch with all four paws in the air and allowed the cool breeze from the air conditioner to wash over her. Annie's version of doggie bliss. Dinner and the opportunity to mooch some people cookies I'm sure made her day complete.

It's interesting to note that this oppressive weather has all but ended any stray and feral cat sightings.  It's been a few weeks since we saw the Norwegian Forest Cat (I think). No possum; even the squirrels have curtailed their activities.

Summer is definitely here and I think I'm going to start hibernating or, at least, sticking close to home and the AC!

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