Saturday, September 27, 2014


I love reading my DogTipper enewsletters and I love Kevin Bacon and I love Pitties! So you may ask, what does each have to do with the other? Very simple really. There was an article in DogTipper about Kevin Bacon posting an Instagram of his Pittie giving him a kiss. The picture is part of an awareness campaign profiling Pitties as the sweet pets they are and not the killing machines portrayed in the media and a way to challenge folks to donate to rescues.

You can go onto Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram or just Google kissed by a pit to check this out. This isn't the official Kissed by a Pit photo but it is a photo of Kevin and his adorable Pittie Lilly.

Kevin Bacon and Lilly one of his two dogs.

Monday, September 15, 2014


For some pet parents feeding can be an uphill battle. Some pets like my Orphée will eat the same item day after day others like Annie are more challenging. Annie prefers more variety necessitating a change every few days.

Actually I worry more about Orphée because he will only eat one brand of wet food in one specific flavor and one brand dry in several flavors. The wet food is high end but the dry is a bargain brand that I've thankfully been able to wean him off. I'm hopeful Orph will one day eat real food but so far he isn't as adventurous as Buddy had been. 

That's not to say I don't worry about what I'm feeding Annie. My main concern with Annie is that I'm not inadvertently feeding her an unbalanced diet or not providing all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals she needs.  I add two freeze-dried raw patties to each home-cooked meal. In addition I add cranberry powder three times a week and Glucosamine daily on her doctor's recommendation. Occasionally I add a teaspoon of healthy powder (the recipe is in Dr. Pitcairn's book).

By home cooking and feeding organic you will avoid chemical preservatives and food dyes. Our dogs and cats can get inflammation and digestive problems from the following items not found in their natural diets so avoid them.

Corn (and all types of corn syrup)
Potato, if the potato is green under the skin (not sweet potato)
Peanut butter
Sugar-free Sweeteners

I make Annie peanut butter treats as well as allow her an occasional lick of peanut butter or a few raw peanuts. The amount is always very limited and the treats are made with natural peanut butter low in both sodium and sugar. Once in awhile I also give Annie potato but I'm careful to check for that telltale greenness under the skin.

In my humble opinion, this is a good starting point in exercising more control over the quality of your furry family member(s) food.

Mom's a good cook. I'm just a picky eater.
Food's Food - just open that can and give me my breakfast!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Yesterday I wrote about Coney Island amusements and rides. I posted pictures of William F. Mangels pony cart ride still in operation at Deno's Wonder Wheel Park. Another Mangels Company ride in operation there after 65 years is a kiddie ride similar to the pony carts except the vehicles are fire engines. Each engine is emblazoned with the number of the Coney Island Fire Department, 245.

I've included this ride because it's decorated with dalmatians, the original firehouse mascot.

At Deno's Wonder Wheel Park next to the Pony Carts.

The number of the Coney Island Firehouse.

Dalmatians galore! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


If anyone thinks I'm just involved in animal related activities, please think again. I have other interests not covered in this blog. However, today I've decided to stretch the limits of my blog by using horses as the connection to another subject dear to my heart - Coney Island.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Coney Island was a huge part of my life - it still is. Green-Wood Cemetery is hosting an exhibit about William F. Mangels, The Wizard of West 8th Street and the man responsible for inventing rides and amusements synonymous with the golden era of amusement parks.

Docents are available during exhibit hours to show guests around the exhibit, give talks and answer questions. This is a great opportunity for me to do what I enjoy most - talk incessantly about Coney Island & Green-Wood Cemetery!

To prepare for this, the docents were given a brief tour of Mangels-related Coney Island spots and the Coney Island History Project. Of course I took photos so let's start with horse-related images:

An original Steeplechase Horse.

Definitely not a carousel horse!

Although the Steeplechase Horse Ride was not designed by William F. Mangels, the horses were synonymous with Coney Island and the highlight of Steeplechase Park. Reminiscent of the real Steeplechase, the track setup went around the outside of the park. The horses moved at a brisk pace. Because of the speed I only rode the horses once, the final day Steeplechase Park was open before it ceased operation forever.

The Mangels Company developed the following ride which after 65 years is still in operation at Deno's Wonder Wheel Park- the Pony Charts.

A fond memory for every Brooklyn kid.

Beautifully maintained and still going strong after 65 years.

Off the Boardwalk at Deno's Amusement Park.

The Mangels Exhibit features a beautifully carved carousel horse studded with jewels and a flowing tail of real hair.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


This Labor Day weekend had to be the most uncomfortable one on record (or at least the most uncomfortable I remember). Besides the heat and humidity we had quick showers that wet everything down but did absolutely nothing to lower the temperature.

Annie enjoyed lounging around in the air conditioned apartment and taking frequent trips to the back porch to see it any other animals were about. Orphée positioned himself in front on the air conditioner so the stream of cold air would pass above him. Otherwise he occupied the chair by the window waiting for the strays to come by or reclined on my bed for a nap.

They strays kept to their schedules coming and going between bursts of rain.  I know this because the food disappeared not because I saw any of them. It's been a few days now since I've seen Porch Guy but that's not unusual when the weather isn't good.

And what did I do? I immersed myself in such exciting projects as mending clothes, ironing and cooking in addition to my usual activities - watching TV (the MDA Telethon) movies and reading. So Labor Day weekend was uneventful, spent inside but enjoyed in any event.