Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Annie is doing very well on the combination of commercial raw and home cooked diet. She seems satisfied after a meal. Of course, she continues to beg when we have our desserts and people treats which I believe is another dynamic altogether separate from any indication of real hunger. She loves bread (whole grain, whole wheat, oat and white) especially Italian bread. She also loves ice cream. When we have some she gets a tiny bit to make her feel included.

Anyway, I digress. My intent was not to discuss Annie's snacking habits but rather my resistance to a raw diet. In short, I'm still freaking out over it and I can't seem to get comfortable with handling raw food or feeding it to Annie.

I'm probably cooking the stuff anyway since I prepare oatmeal, barley or quinoa dumping the hot stuff right on the mashed-up raw food and finishing up by mixing it all together. I let it cool and when it's ready to serve I sprinkle her Perio Support on top.

I'm going nuts keeping her dishes, cooking bowls and utensils separate from our kitchenware. Have I cleaned and disinfected my hands, aforementioned items and the counter top sufficiently? So far, I've not come into a 'comfort zone' with any of this. At this time, I'm really leaning towards going back to home cooking exclusively. We will finish the bag of Primal and then I'll make my decision. 

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