Friday, July 20, 2012


Yesterday was a busy one for me; there wasn't a spare moment to post. Annie was forlorn because I left for appointments and errands on a day when I'm usually home.

She had her walk and her morning meal along with some backyard time before I left but she was a bit down anyway. Annie remained subdued after I returned. Around suppertime, Artie took her for her second walk.  After the walk, Annie had supper then she proceeded to wiggle around on the living room floor like a worm. With all fours in the air, at times she resembled someone peddling a bicycle.

I wondered aloud if supper could have brought on such an upbeat display but Artie told me it probably had more to do with her walk. The new owners of Louie's house were working in the yard but Annie was still looking for Louie and his family so she stared at the house and cried. On the last part of the walk, she met up with Gus and his pet parents. After playing with Gus and being petted and hugged, Annie's mood improved.

It's a reminder that dogs are very social animals and it is particularly important to make sure their lives are structured and they are nurtured. Play that engages their minds is important. Good, wholesome food is important. Structure to their days and knowing where they rank in their family (pack) is important.

Today is so cool it feels like the start of autumn. The meteorologists are saying the break is only for today; by tomorrow the temperature will be back in the 80s. So, I guess I'll turn on the stove to make Annie a double batch of her favorite cookies and start thinking about what else I need to do to keep my girl happy. 

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