Monday, May 14, 2012


Julio the Dachshund, companion of Cat Greenleaf, and canine star of Talk Stoop has died at the age of seventeen.

Brooklyn has a long tradition of people 'hangin out on the stoop' talking, listening to music, enjoying the breeze or just getting out of a hot apartment. That tradition makes Talk Stoop the quintessential Brooklyn talk show which takes place appropriately on Cat Greenleaf's stoop in Cobble Hill. Since the beginning, Julio was a delightful fixture, hanging out and acting cool while Cat interviewed the likes of Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings, Andy Garcia, Suze Orman and Henry Winkler.

Adorable and pleasant, I found myself watching not only because I enjoyed the interviews but because I enjoyed seeing Julio. Last year, there was the addition of Gracie the Bulldog to the stoop but as much as I like Gracie, I always found myself looking for Julio.

Julio was adopted by Greenleaf while still a puppy, moving with her to different states and for different jobs until they settled in New York. He was with Cat through all the major changes of her personal life, from singlehood to marriage and parenthood.  He was a cute little guy and I'm going to miss his presence on Talk Stoop as I'm sure all fans of the show will. And Cat, our hearts go out to you and Gracie because of your loss.

Julio the Dachshund

Watch cute little Julio with Cat and her guest Stanley Tucci in this Talk Stoop clip on You Tube:


  1. I was looking for Julio too - I wondered what happened to him. When Mavis Staple sang I'll Take You There to him and scared little Julio that was the funniest thing, and I think it was Andy Garcia saying to Julio, "What you looking at?" and little Julio suddenly looking away was funny too. I'll miss you little guy. I'm sorry, but Gracie will have a hard time filling your shoes.

    Cat, you have my condolences.