Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Well, tomorrow is the Fourth of July and celebrating our independence has always been a fun day for me.

We handle it in our own way - we stay home. No beach and boardwalk or parks for us. Our backyard and the house are where we celebrate, kicking back and enjoying the human/pet connection. This year, we will spend our time playing with and pampering Annie. In past years we've enjoyed Twilight Zone, Honeymooners and classic Star Trek marathons. We also watch the televised fireworks from the East River and the celebrations from Washington DC. In years past, we  could catch some of the East River action from our rooftop but the upwards urban sprawl has effectively blocked that venue of entertainment. Of course, the holiday wouldn't be complete without seeing clips and getting the results of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

And food is a big part of this holiday as well. Today I have some last minute shopping to do in order to get ready for tomorrow. Only the canines in our house eat beef (which I feed them reluctantly) I will pick up some tofu-based hot dogs, soy-based hamburgers and the usual trimmings.  Along with a big salad, fresh fruit, some cake and ice cream or ices, ice tea and soda we will have the makings of a real Fourth of July feast!

Today will be busy but tomorrow will be worth it! So, Happy Fourth of July to my countrymen. I'm going to take a holiday break from posting for the day but I'll be back Friday.

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