Saturday, July 28, 2012


Both the girls were around yesterday afternoon hanging out in our weed-free backyard. Thankfully only one is pregnant.

We've been putting food out regularly for them now and I hope to establish a feeding routine that will keep them coming through the yard regularly. In the meantime, I keep checking for classes but there won't be any conveniently located until late August and September. There is an online class but I think I'd prefer to attend a class instead.

Annie has been happier and is thoroughly enjoying her yard now that the weeds are gone. She can see into the other yards from ours instead of just from the porch. She races around the perimeter trying to peek through the foliage in the neighbors' yards as she positions herself to get a better look at the girls or Brother.

The only down side to this is the horrible weather. Between the terrific heat and rain, Annie hasn't been able to spend as much time enjoying her space as she likes. At least now her yard time is fun because the area is clear and she can cut loose and run.

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