Friday, November 4, 2011


In this day and age, our pets have become members of our families. They bring us joy and give us grief and, sad to say, they also become ill and need our care.

May 31, 2009 was the first time we realized Buddy was pestering us for all kinds of food even though he had access to his favorite dry food all the time. A check of his weight revealed no major issues - he weighed in at 11 lbs. which was standard for him so we didn't think anything of it.

From that day in May to mid-June, Buddy hounded us for all kinds of food, which we provided, but even though he asked for different foods, he was being picky. He felt light so my brother checked his weight - 7 lbs!  What a difference from less than a month before. We decided to visit the vet.

The tests turned up a slight heart murmur. Doctor Kristine Young of Hope Veterinary Clinic decided to do complete blood and thyroid panels to check for renal failure and thyroid issues. June 22, we received our answer, moderate chronic renal failure. The next step was to do a urine analysis - that was OK. Doctor Young went over all his values with us and explained where he was in the progress of the disease.  Apparently we caught it earlier than most pet parents. If Buddy did not respond to treatment, he would have two to three months. If he responded to treatment, he would have up to two years and with a little bit of luck, he would have slightly more than two years.

Now began the task of learning how to administer saline solution by IV and injecting meds into the line.  Have you ever given a cat a pill orally? Not. A. Fun. Experience. There also was a capsule that had to be opened and dumped on top of food. Thankfully, Buddy liked the taste of that one.  Along with all of this came the trial and error of trying different Prescription Diet foods of which Buddy liked NONE after initially eating all three varieties with gusto thus creating a false hope in us that we might actually make a smooth transition from Buddy's favored food (Deli Cat) to his prescription diet.

We are now entering the two-year five-month mark since Buddy's diagnosis and quite frankly we are amazed that he is still doing well.  In subsequent posts, I will document Buddy's two-year plus journey and all my brother and I have learned during the course of caring for him.

My reason for blogging.

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