Wednesday, November 18, 2015


The holidays are fast approaching with Thanksgiving just around the corner. We will be visiting our cousins in New Jersey this year. Of course, we are looking forward to our visit as we always do.

No driving for us, we checked the train schedules in preparation for our trip. Next, I have to shop for chocolates to bring for the dessert portion of our meal. We also bring a bouquet of flowers for our cousins to add to the holiday table as well as a few "thanks for inviting us" gifts.

Seeing our three feline cousins is a treat we always anticipate. You never know what they will do - for the most part anyway.  Athena is predictable as she is aloof and most likely will spend her time lounging on the bed in the master bedroom. Lucky, on the other hand, will come to sit between us on the living room couch as we have cider and appetizers before dinner. One will never know what Midnight will do from year to year. 

Midnight was a feral our cousins took in after my cousin-through-marriage Mom moved out of state. The first Thanksgiving she hid in the basement. I managed to catch a glimpse of her by remaining quiet until she came out thinking everyone retreated above stairs. Each year midnight takes a new step towards integrating herself with the family. She has progressed to coming upstairs when the house is quiet, then coming up when the humans are about, to trying to make friends with the other cats who ignored her. The last we heard, Lucky and Midnight are pals which is great. They spend time together.

So this year I'm hoping Midnight will decide to visit us instead of retreating to the basement as she's done in years past. I guess we'll find out a week from tomorrow whether or not this little black cat will accept us as part of her family and join us during the festivities.

courtesy Webweaver