Sunday, July 15, 2012


As usual, I was running late. Annie started to sulk as soon as she realized I was getting ready to leave. At least the weather cooperated this year by supplying a July day with less humidity and lower temperature than in years' past. With the crush of humanity that comes out for this event, Shubert Alley can get extremely uncomfortable.

When I arrived, I decided to locate the City Critters table before visiting all the booths to pick up literature and checking out all the dogs and cats up for adoption.  My friend Terri was manning the table with her friend Holly so I wanted to stop by and say hi before I did anything else. We spent a bit of time chatting about our pets and how all of them are doing; it seems everyone is dealing with some sort of canine and feline medical issues these days.

City Critters had a great table with literature, a fishbowl containing a cat figurine for collecting donations, a large display that resembled an open book with color photos of their adoptable cats and two photos books with more color photos. A few of the cats were on hand for viewing in an air conditioned van next to the Urban Cat League table right next to City Critters.

Holly and Terri manning the City Critters table next to the ASPCA van.

Shubert Alley was lined on both sides with tables manned by volunteers from rescue groups. Forty-Fifth Street from Junior's Restaurant almost to Eight Avenue had more tables with rescue groups and at least three air conditioned vans with adoptable cats and dogs. There were two gigantic Great Danes in attendance that were up for adoption as well as Jack Russells, Am Staffs and about every breed of dog imaginable and of course a fair share of mixed breeds. The crowding was the worst this year because about 25% of Shubert Alley wasn't available for use. The cement walkway was under repair. The stage was set up at an awkward angle and the press of people made it impossible to get close enough to take pictures.

Artie showed up and I walked through for a second time with him, then we went off to see the featured adoptable dogs on stage with a star-studded cast of presenters. More on the rescue groups, dogs and celebrities of Broadway Barks 14 tomorrow...

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