Monday, May 25, 2015


Today I'm remembering my Dad and all my Uncles who fought during WWII as well as my cousins who fought in Vietnam.  Thankfully all of them came home to their loved ones.  Today is a day to honor those who gave their lives to protect our freedoms but we should also remember those who fought so valiantly and survived.  They too kept us safe and free.

As I take a much needed break from caring for Annie and placating my feeling-neglected-trio-of-cats, I want to direct my readers to my previous Memorial Day blogs honoring our four-legged veterans.

Have fun this Memorial Day and pause to remember...

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Sunday, May 10, 2015


I've been away from this blog since March (that's more than a month). My beautiful Annie has been profoundly ill, so ill in fact all my time has gone to helping her along the road to recovery a path I believe we are finally on.

The rest of my time has been devoted to taking care of Orphée, Mr. Handsome and Belle (a stray Calico currently residing on my back porch). There's been no time left over for the humans in this family or for the day-to-day concerns of shopping, cooking or the other mundane necessities one must attend to in their daily existence.

Do I feel like a Mom? I certainly do, even though I'm not a parent of human children, all my children are decked out in fur, walk on four paws with tails wagging or switching in the wind.

So today I will give myself a much-deserved day off to relax, put all my cares aside to concentrate on myself for a change. Tomorrow I'll resume my frantic dash to catch up with the backlog of chores put aside to concentrate on Annie and her health.

In the meantime, I remember my Mom and her Mom as well as the aunts gone and still with me who nurtured me along the way, all the women who gave me a sense of family, who by example showed me how to live and infused my love of animals, nature and life.  I wish all Moms a very Happy Mother's Day as I spend my Mother's Day with my furry family members.
Can I sit with you Mom?

Mom! Please let me sleep.

Thanks, Mom. I can see fine now.

Thanks for the shelter and food. Maybe I'll come in soon.