Monday, July 16, 2012


Broadway Barks crowding issue was in full swing by the time the parade of eligible adoptees started. In our attempt to get a better vantage point for photos and to hear the proceedings, Artie and I had to walk through Junior's to get to the front of the stage. That strategy didn't work as we couldn't get close enough to take pictures. Finally we ended up at the back of the stage. We could hear and see what was happening but it was terrible for picture taking so after a few minutes we decided to brave the crowds again, visiting the tables and looking at two puppies in particular I wanted Artie to see.

Crowd & tents from deck of Junior's up 45 St. towards 8 Ave.

Earlier I had checked for Maine Coons or Maine Coon mixes but didn't have much luck locating any. I really miss Buds so from time to time I consider finding another Maine Coon who will talk to me incessantly. We're also going back and forth with the idea of getting another smaller dog to give Annie some non-human companionship now that Buddy is gone.

One of the vans had a beautiful female puppy, 11 weeks old, a shepherd mix. Looking at her I did not see Shepherd but rather Siberian Husky. She was a beautiful mocha color with ice blue eyes. Definitely a mix since her hair was considerably shorter than a husky. I fell in love with her. She kept licking and nibbling my fingers with her puppy teeth. Alas, at 11 weeks she was bigger than Annie at that age so with a heavy heart I had to say 'no' to myself since we feel a smaller dog would be a better fit at this time.

I dragged Artie to the table set up for Sean Casey Rescue where we waited for one of the dogs to come back from the platform. He was a puppy, 8 weeks old, so tiny and cute. I wanted Artie to see him. Named Tillie for the Steeplechase Face, he was found in a box with two dogs and a cat in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn. We both fell in love with him. Resembling Uggie from The Artist, Tillie was all white with wire hair, a Poodle-Jack Russell mix. Well, Artie and I went back and forth discussing whether or not we should adopt Tillie until reluctantly we decided now was not the right time to take on another furry friend.  We felt it wise to  give ourselves a break and spend more time focusing on Annie before introducing another four paws and a tail to our family mix.

We decided to try and get closer to the stage to watch the proceedings.  More on that tomorrow...

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