Sunday, July 1, 2012


I've written extensively on renal failure in cats because Buddy had this chronic illness. Cats also can develop diabetes.

Our dog, Baron, a Beagle Manchester Terrier mix, was diabetic so Artie and I have also gone down the canine version of that route. Whether canine or feline you will find yourself dealing with injections, insulin, checking sugar levels, specialized diets and scheduled feedings.

Baron received scheduled feedings of special foods, had his urine checked to monitor sugar levels and was given daily insulin injections. He survived for about three years during which he went completely blind, finally succumbing to a stroke that left him walking in circles and howling. The stroke happened late at night and early the following day the decision was made to euthanize him.

What are the early warning signs of diabetes? Excessive thirst, increased appetite and loss of weight. If you have a cat that seems off his game or if you just want to familiarize yourself with this chronic disease WebMD Pets is a great place to start:

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