Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The parade of Broadway Barks 14 adoptees was in full swing. As soon as all the animals had a chance to 'strut their stuff' this event would come to a close and Shubert Alley would be alive again with theatre goers hurrying to dinner and 8PM curtains. But for now, it was still a dog's day and a cat's meow.

Artie and I had to position ourselves behind the stage in order to see any of the proceedings. Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore hosted. Quite a few Broadway stars presented adoptees, carrying or walking them across the stage and telling the crowd about each animal. We saw Ben Vereen, Michael Cerveris and Rita Moreno.

Mary Tyler Moore, seated in pin stripes, Bernadette Peters holding dog, Ben Vereen in white jacket/black baseball cap & Rita Moreno in Chartreuse jacket.  (This was the best shot I could get.) 

After awhile, we just couldn't stand the heat and the crowding so we decided to drop by the City Critters table one more time (to say goodbye) then go off to dinner. We found the crush of patrons waiting for tables at Junior's to be the worst we'd ever encountered. Since Broadway Barks had only another 20 minutes of time left and we had an errand to run we decided to try Junior's later.

When we returned, the crowd at Junior's thinned out sufficiently and we were informed of only a 15 minute wait for a table. In less than that we were seated and to our surprise, Izzy, our favorite waiter and a really nice guy, would be taking care of us. We spent a few minutes catching up with the usual, how have you been, etc. and ordered. Artie and I decided to finish by throwing caution to the winds and having dessert, Strawberry Shortcake and Red Velvet Cake respectively. As anyone who has been to Junior's knows it's nearly impossible to pass up dessert. They serve the best and give unbelievably HUGE portions!

As our day ended, we felt good about the things we learned, the information we gathered and the donations we made. We also felt sad about the animals we connected with but couldn't adopt. And happily, we can start to plan to attend Broadway Barks 15 during July 2013.

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