Tuesday, October 2, 2012


October 2nd - Buddy's 6th month anniversary. I cannot believe he's gone half a year.

I still miss him and think about him every day. Taking care of the feral cats has taken a bit of the loneliness away. At least I'm caring for some cats that really need a guardian angel. I try never to forget that at one time my little man was in that number.

There are reminders of Buddy all over the house. I can't bring myself to part with his possessions. The blankets I made for him have been given to Annie. A little 2-drawer cabinet in my living room contains dog and cat books and Buddy's toys. Catnip-filled animals handmade by a friend are tucked away there along with his plastic light-up ball, several stuffed mice and his comb and brush set.

His old beat-up covered litter box is in my front hall. I intended to throw it away but instead scrubbed it sparkling clean when I decided to become a feral colony caretaker. Eventually I will place it outside for the cats to use.  Plastic utensils I would have utilized for Buddy's food are now used for the outside cats. 

Nestled in my kitchen cabinet are the whimsical lids used to seal Buddy's partially eaten canned food. Brightly colored, this pair of plastic lids more than all Buddy's other possessions remind me of the happiness he brought into my life. And so we mark another month without you, Buds. We miss you.


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