Monday, April 30, 2012


Well, we've been at it for several weekends now without any luck.  Pat did not turn up Saturday night and I really didn't hold out much hope for a Sunday night sighting either. My hunch was partially incorrect.

Sunday morning our back yard was filled with bright, dappled sunlight now that the trees in the surrounding yards are in bloom.  The weather was a bit warmer that earlier in the week providing a nice opportunity for Annie to spend time outside.  Annie is a dedicated sunbather so 'Mom' makes sure to put her out early enough for her to enjoy the sunshine without getting sunburned.  She gets freckled during summer with the freckles fading over the winter.

I spread a mat on the porch for Annie to recline and recline she did, soaking up the sun, enjoying the fresh air and surveying the adjoining yards.  Of course, she started her usual routine of going out and coming in which reminded me it's time to dig out my tee shirt with the words:
Agenda for the day
Let dog in
Let dog out
Let dog in
Let dog out
Let dog in
Well, you get the idea and true to form, Annie did just that - cry to come in then after a short time, stand at the back door waiting to be let out.  I never let her in when she cries instead asking her "What do you want?"  Her answer is a bark and then I'll let her in.  You would think after 9 years of this she would just cut to the bark and forget about crying but not Annie.  We go through the same routine every summer and every other season of the year to a lesser degree.

No cats!  Where is everybody?

I'll just chill.

Love that warm sunshine on my face!

Sunday evening while there was still light, Artie put some cut-up strawberries out for Pat. Earlier in the day,   while cleaning strawberries, I remembered Mar-gray's comment about possums liking fruit and the video of a possum eating a strawberry.  I put some aside to use as an enticement.  The security light came on twice but we didn't see anyone in the yard.  It was a little after ten when Annie decided to make her final excursion for the night. Artie went out back with her and discovered the bowl undisturbed but empty!  Pat must have come by.  What am I feeling?  Definitely relief that Pat is OK and a renewed sense of hope that we will get that video footage we both so desperately want.

The stranger didn't come through the yard at all Sunday. No Norwegian Forest Cat; no possum sighting.  Maybe the cat does belong to someone after all.  Maybe the possum is just playin' possum.  We just have to wait and see.  Hopefully next weekend will yield a sighting of both.

A call from the Vet's office pronounced Annie free of any parasites eliminating them as a cause of her stomach issue.  The start of a new week, may it be a quiet one and one that yields answers to all our questions.

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