Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Annie finished her round of antibiotics today.  The 'lick granuloma' on her back paw is healing up nicely.  She isn't licking and chewing it as much as before Buddy died.  Could this be an indication of stress as the main factor for her developing this 'hot' area?  It is my deepest wish that this is so.

We will wait 2 more weeks then go for a follow up visit at Hope Vet.  I'm sure she will be completely healed by then.  In the meantime, I need to collect my thoughts on her upcoming dental surgery and formulate questions.  

Artie and I have to face the fact that at age 9 and of a medium-size breed, Annie is 56 years old and 'middle aged' (if you follow the chart on WebMD).  If she were human, her age would entitle her to membership in AARP.  She is on the cusp of old age.  I fervently hope her health will hold out, that the changes I made to her diet will give her more time and better quality-of-life to that time.  

And only time will tell.  

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