Monday, April 2, 2012


Our Buddy is gone. I hoped to start this particular post by saying Buddy went to sleep yesterday and never woke up but that was not to be.

We made the decision to euthanize Buddy today.

Buddy was with us a little bit more than 10 years.  We can't count the 2 or 3 years he spent visiting us in our backyard before he was thrown out by his previous owner.

My relationship with Buddy didn't start until he moved in with us.  Up until then I'd never held a cat.  My interactions with felines were definitely minimal - an occasional pat on the head or a few words.  A cat lover I wasn't.  How could I ever know how much one little cat would change that.  I've truly lost my best Buddy.

I won't be posting tomorrow.  After today I need a break.  Posts will start again on Wednesday when I will write about today's events in more detail.


  1. Buddy! You will be missed. Thank you for touching my life with your courageous story. May your legacy live on in these pages.

    1. Thank you for following! He was a cutie; you know how much I miss him.

  2. Oh my gosh. This post is heartbreaking. I'm so sorry!! :(

  3. Thanks, Sarah, your kind words are appreciated. I hope you continue to follow my blog.

  4. I'm still writing, glad you're still following.