Saturday, April 14, 2012


Pat showed up Friday night.  I think the treks through all our backyards are probably on a nightly basis.  Artie and I were busy doing what everyone does during a typical evening, dealing with supper dishes and putting the kitchen in order, preparing for Saturday, when Annie quietly entered the kitchen.  This is her usual routine and it signals her last nightly outing needs.

The security light wasn't on so we figured the yard was empty and Artie let Annie on the back porch.  No sooner was she out and the barking started.  Artie saw Pat in the garden. Pat wasn't waiting around to figure out what was happening; he was off  in a flash, waddling for the mulberry tree.  Up an into the Y shaped branches he went.

We put out some cat food - the strays all showed up and demolished the offering.  Next, we decided to try some vegetables; no one touched that, including Pat.  As of this morning, the vegetables were still out there hanging out in their container looking forlorn and definitely untouched.

If the vegetables don't entice, I'll try fruit next.  We're determined to get some video footage of this possum and figure out his schedule as well.  It appears the visits are nightly somewhere between 7:30 and 10:30PM.  We now know he doesn't always trip the security light.  We'll see what happens later this evening.

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