Sunday, April 15, 2012


Pat Possumwaithe was a no show Saturday night.  I started watching from our back door and windows around 7PM hoping he would show up while there was still some daylight.  All the yards were quiet; the vegetables untouched.

I kept checking during the evening but for an occasional tripping of the security light by the cats, I never saw Pat.

This poses one of two possibilities:
  1. Pat didn't make the rounds of our yards Saturday night.
  2. Pat didn't trip my security light thus managing to go about his usual business in relative obscurity.

It's Sunday, April 14th, the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  I'm listening to the memorial broadcast on QXR, the classical station as I blog.  Titanic has been a fascination of  mine long before Jim Cameron and his blockbuster movie.  Why am I fascinated by Titanic?  It's part of New York City history.  Titanic was scheduled to dock here.  Three days after the disaster, its survivors did.  It's part of Brooklyn history with survivors interred and memorials to those who perished at Green-Wood Cemetery.

So, I'll listen to the broadcast and go about my day then tonight, I'll take up my possum watch with high hopes of better Sunday night results than Saturday.

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