Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The weekend brought a rapid deterioration in Buddy's condition.  He became very picky, refusing most of his favored foods and eating very little of the ones he would accept.  I spent Saturday and Sunday offering him all different food choices with the end result being I managed to get 1 oz. of food in him each day.

Liquids were another story - he drank large amounts of water but smaller than usual amounts of milk and clam broth.  Complete loss of the use of his hind legs happened early Saturday.  By Sunday night he was losing his upper body strength. I had to hold him under his front shoulder so he could right himself.  If he wanted you he would softly meow, wait a bit and meow again if you hadn't arrived to do what he wanted.  If Buddy was awake his head would turn in my direction so he could keep an eye on me as I went about my day's chores.

The weekend was a blur of offering food and drink, medicating, assisting him with toileting, moving him from place to place, turning his body so he didn't lie in one position too long and checking him when he slept.

When Buddy was diagnosed, Dr. Young told us we would know it was time to say goodbye when Buddy stopped eating and giving kisses.  He ate a bit Sunday night and gave my brother one kiss before we turned in for the night.

Monday morning he wouldn't eat anything and the kisses stopped.  His upper body strength was gone.  He drank a little but he wasn't meowing and he seemed very tired. We knew it was time.

I will continue this post tomorrow.

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