Friday, April 27, 2012


I didn't post yesterday because there just wasn't any time to fit it in.  As I posted Wednesday, Annie was on the mend, feeling better, acting better, doing better.  Or so I thought. 

Yesterday morning's breakfast was refused and Annie's stomach was making squishing, gurgling noises.  She seemed OK except for the not eating bit.  Artie was home from work so we had plenty of chores planned and we were off to a good start.  It was early afternoon when I sat down to check my emails, do a bit of research online and start my post which never happened.  Artie let Annie out to spend some time in the yard.  She relieved herself and passed quite a bit of blood and mucous and tree leaves?!  Even though she seemed completely fine this wasn't good so we rushed her to the doctor.

At the office, we went through the usual routines of crying at the cats on display for adoption, crying and barking at other dogs, crying for everyone to pet her - in short, she was her usual handful.  Since this was an emergency, we had to take an appointment with whomever was available.  The doctor who did the exam was very nice and she had a vet-in-training observing/assisting her.  Immediately we recognized the vet-in-training and she us.  It was Lauren, who had been a Vet Tech at Hope Vet.  "You guys also have a cat." Lauren said to which we sadly told her "Not anymore, Buddy died a few weeks ago."

Lauren said she was sorry.  She remembered taking care of Buddy when he lost his tail to cancer, filling his prescriptions for his renal failure and that he was a great cat.   Then she said something that made us feel terrific.  She said everyone was amazed that we detected Buddy's cancer when it was so small.  At that moment I felt Artie and I truly did take amazing care of Buddy, giving him much more time than he would have had on his own or with his original family.  But would we do the same for Annie?

Annie was playful but more subdued than during visits past.  She also laid on her side for part of the exam which was totally out of character for her.  No definitive diagnosis.  She was given a rectal exam and a sample taken to check for parasites.  A medicine was prescribed for bacteria, etc.  She was given fluids subQ because she was slightly dehydrated and a bland diet was recommended.

Artie boiled white rice and sweet potatoes then gave Annie a quarter cup of each along with a quarter cup of low fat cottage cheese.  Annie's pill was administered inside a small piece of cheddar cheese to mask the smell and flavor.  We spent the evening monitoring her.

Today she was beyond her old self.  Truly happy and very lovable, Annie has asked more than once to play, going into that place dogs generally go where the play partner turns into an observer as the dog runs and blows off steam.  She had her mini-breakfast and pill on time.  Of course, I keep checking on her from time to time.  We spent time in our back yard together and now I will prepare her another small, bland meal.

I am really trying to keep a lid on my emotions, having Annie sick on the heels of losing Buddy has left my emotions raw.  All I want is a bit of a breather from pet illness - just enough time to heal from my loss and recharge my batteries.  I don't think that's too much to ask.

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