Saturday, April 28, 2012


Saturday morning and Annie is sleeping in.  She is much improved, to  my great relief.  We are still preparing bland meals for her and administering medication but she is definitely over the worst of this episode.

I guess it's official.  Uggie, the dog in "The Artist" must be retired because his memoir is due to hit the bookstores  this October.  Yesterday, Simon & Schuster announced the memoir will be published by their imprint Gallery Books.

You remember Uggie and "The Artist", he's an adorable Jack Russell Terrier and the film was nominated for and won Best Film at the 2011 Academy Awards.  Quite a feat for a black and white silent movie.

All I can say is "I can't wait for the book!"  Uggie had a short but memorable career and he worked with some heavy hitters so I wonder what he'll have to say about James Cromwell and Robert Pattinson.

While researching this article, I came across a news piece and video from The Guardian, a British paper. Uggie is interviewed and he expresses his desire to do Shakespeare!  Al Pacino or Kevin Spacey, if either of you are reading this, contact Uggie - he does a mean Richard III!

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