Monday, April 16, 2012


As I mentioned in a previous blog, Pat was a no show Saturday.  The vegetables were still untouched by Sunday morning.  My next plan is to add the vegetables to the compost bin and try some kind of overripe fruit next - or possibly advocados for Pat's next trek which should be this coming weekend.

A bit more research gave me some additional insight into Opossum behavior.  They are solitary and even talking to one would be stressful instead of soothing for the opossum which is what Artie has been doing all along, talking to Pat as he snaps his photos.  Also, I discovered why my yard is so attractive - the pile of dried leaves occupies a corner.  Pat feels protected and is using this area for a toilet.  How wonderful to know I probably have a collection of possum poop in my backyard!

General consensus?  The Weekend Possum Watch was a total failure; Pat did not show up Sunday evening either.  He probably had enough of Annie barking at him, the camera flashing in his face and backyard lights going on and off.  We will have to be more furtive in our attempts to get video when Pat comes back; if he comes back.

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