Friday, April 13, 2012


Well, it's Friday the 13th and all's good in my world.  In fact, I've always considered Friday 13th a decent day for me; no better or worse than any other.  So obviously I'm not a Triskaidekaphobic (that's someone with a number 13 phobia) but even I'm wondering about the black cat that showed up among the strays congregating for a free meal Thursday evening.  We had a large number of strays (I say strays but know they are mostly ferals born in neighboring yards) that recently whittled down to two or three.

When Artie put out Buddy's cat food yesterday, two grey-striped tabbies, one brown-grey striped tabby, one grey tuxedo and a totally black cat showed up to chow down.  A bit of a surprise to me because the tabbies and tuxedo were all born in surrounding yards but not this black cat.  We sometimes saw a black tuxedo with a splash of white on the lower forehead and between the eyes.  He looked like someone flicked a paintbrush with white paint at him and got him smack in the middle of his face.  We haven't seen him in a while.

I wonder where the black cat came from?  Does he belong to someone who's letting him out?  I never advocate letting a family cat out for any reason.  Buddy had a collapsible mesh cage I put him in when he wanted to hang out on the back porch and get a bit of sunlight and fresh air. Of course, I'd check on him every 15 minutes plus he never stayed out without Annie.  She kept the transients from visiting him.

My mind is made up.  As of this evening I will be on the lookout for Pat Possumwaithe. My curiosity has been peaked by his regular appearances and I'm determined to figure out his routine and, if possible, where he comes from and ultimately where he's living. Mar-gray included the following YouTube video with her comment.  Apparently possums like fruit and the possum in the video is getting his fruit fix.

Now that Buddy's gone and our entire little family is intrigued with the possum, we have a quite unexpected successor with 4 paws and 1 tail to round out our 8 paws and 2 tails.

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