Tuesday, May 1, 2012


My family lives in Brooklyn so there isn't much grass around unless you go to a park or dog run.  My yard currently consists of dirt (yes, good old-fashioned dirt not soil), weeds, a wild climbing rose that suddenly appeared one spring and has been growing ever since, cement and my compost bin.  No lush lawn here.  I use compost to keep the wild roses, my flowers and the occasional vegetable or herb growing.

Everyone should be aware, no matter where they live about the dangers lawns pose to pets.  Chemicals utilized to produce verdant lawns may very well be the cause of certain cancers in dogs.

Rodale Press wrote about it and after you follow the link and read the article, follow it up by reading "The 8 Biggest Pet Threats In Your Home", the scariest two (in my opinion) being Xylitol and some flea and tick products.

And for the record, I'm a big fan of Rodale Press.  They have many wonderful books covering a wide range of topics.  My favorite books are in their house and home and gardening categories.  Follow the link and if you like the article(s) consider signing up for their newsletter.  You will find a wealth of good-to-know information.

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