Monday, April 9, 2012


Today was a busy day - I played catch up.  Did laundry, paid bills, straightened up the house, read magazines and worked on the computer.  Most importantly, I spent quality time with Annie.  It was a beautiful day with cool temperature, a nice breeze and plenty of sunshine.  We went for a long walk and spent time in the backyard.

I received a call from Hope Vet this afternoon around the time we put Buddy to sleep last Monday.  A Vet Tech called to let us know Buddy's ashes are ready to be picked up. I didn't mention that we had him cremated.  It seems so odd; one week since he died.  I still look for him.  The house is too quiet.  Annie is somewhat better but she will need more time to adjust to being the only four-legged member of the family.

Annie had blood work done last Monday so we could start her heart-worm medication.  We called for the results and to let them know we will pick Buddy's ashes up in a day or so.

Artie just caught Annie licking her paw again.  I purchased Grannick's Bitter Apple to spray on the irritated paw. Grannick's works on the same principle as that stuff you paint on kid's nails to keep them from biting the nails and cuticles. You use it to prevent biting, chewing or excessive licking of fur and hot spots.

I'm concerned.  Annie is halfway through a 14 day round of antibiotics.  Once she's done, we will bring her in for a dental scaling, the removal of a tab and a biopsy of this spot she keeps licking.  There is a small possibility the area is cancerous.  If so, there is the additional possibility it metastasized, something I cannot contemplate at this point in time.


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