Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I'm sure anyone who checked out my blog discovered the virtual fish swimming in their virtual pond.  And I'm sure everyone who saw them knew it was my tribute to Buddy.

My Zen Cat was one of many nicknames we had for him.  A great sense of calm or hip cool always emanated from him.  He was laid back, totally unaffected by the crazy world around him.  A calming meow would bring me back to my senses and remind me to slow down and put life back into perspective.

At the Doctor's office, Buddy would just lie on the examining table watching Annie's excited reaction to everyone with an aloof stare.  Buddy always remained in his resting position quietly submitting to whatever the examination brought.  If some procedure was not to his liking a solitary meow was his way of letting you know he was displeased.

At home, Buddy frequently positioned himself on a chair or off to the side to watch Annie run around with one of her toys or get chased.  The result was Buddy frequently looked like a slightly disinterested spectator at a tennis match - his head going from one side to the other, his face remaining expressionless.  Of course, this was the same tactic he used whenever we couldn't find him.  One thing I knew for sure, he was somewhere out of sight, enjoying the mad dash and frantic calls until the game was over because he was sighted.

He had the capacity to lie quietly on your chest or next to you all the while staring at your face until he fell asleep.  Many a morning I awoke to Buddy, his head pillowed on my arm, looking at me, quietly waiting for me to begin my day.  

The most indelible image of my Zen cat?  When he first came to live with us, I had a small fish tank near my mother's favorite chair.  There were many articles on the calming effect of fish and I thought my Mom would enjoy the variety of a tank.  As it turned out, the fish tank became a family favorite.  We all loved watching the fish and feeling the calming effects of their aquatic world but none more so that Buddy.

He would sit next to the tank but it wasn't the same as with other cats.  Buddy loved watching the fish but he never attempted to catch any.  No lunging or hunting mode for Buddy.  Just sitting quietly, enjoying the fish, and after awhile, going about whatever it is cats do.

So, enjoy the fish.  Move the mouse pointer around - they will follow you.  Click on the mouse to feed them.   And enjoy them; Buddy did.  My Zen Cat, I miss him.

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  1. Uh oh, now that you have pointed out that I can also feed your virtual fish, I am REALLY never going to get anything else done. Must. Play. With. Fish.