Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Living in Brooklyn can be pretty tough at times but Brooklynites have a history of helping each other out. Such is the case in Red Hook where every year the Amendola sisters display a nativity scene in an empty lot they own.

The crèche is occupied in off-months by a colony of feral cats the sisters care for year round. So is it any wonder the cats will not vacate the crèche during the Christmas season. A light for illumination and a bale of straw inside the crèche offer a perfect opportunity for warmth and comfort from the winter elements - all this and dinner delivered on a regular schedule by two landlords who won't evict for unpaid rent. And plenty of entertainment for neighbors who delight in this feline takeover of Christmas.

Christmas Eve in Red Hook will once again find the Baby Jesus relinquishing his manger to a colony of cats.

The New York Post put a similar photo of the crèche on their front page entitling the tableau 'A Stray in a Manger.' In Brooklyn everyone is looking for a good piece of prime real estate to call home. This group of cats has found theirs.

Photo credit: DNAinfo/Rafael Lopez, Jr.


  1. What a great story -- and picture!

    1. I couldn't resist this story, it's so typically Brooklyn and so typically cat with a nice holiday touch.