Wednesday, December 25, 2013


We awoke to a cold but clear Christmas Eve and a flurry of activity as I hurried to keep our appointment with Annie's Ophthalmologist. First I fed Orphée then Annie, dispensed pills and eye drops then left for VERG. While in transit, I realized everyone ate but me!

Arriving early (a rarity) Cassie took us immediately without even a slight wait. We discussed pills, eye drops, how Annie was coming along before the doctor arrived to conduct his examination. Dr. Harrington was pleased to hear Annie is no longer blinking, squinting or trying to rub her eye on everything and anything. Her eye pressure is normal, no evidence of inflammation, surgery is healing nicely and the two shots from last week cleared up more than 90% of the webbing in her eye.

I was pleased with a reduction of medications and relieved that we can push out the next follow-up visit to three weeks from today. This round of anti-inflammatory pills will finish in four days at which time I will begin to monitor Annie for any signs of discomfort. The eye drops were reduced as well. Blink was eliminated unless I felt she needed it and the Ofloxacin was eliminated completely. Prednisolone will continue at three times a day and Tropicamide is reduced to twice a day.

Because of Annie's tendency to rub her eye, she must continue to wear her Elizabethan Collar for the next seven to ten days. We can remove it for meals but we must be with her whenever it is off. Annie enjoyed her car rides and I treated her to a short walk when we returned home.

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas Eve - I am thankful for life's little blessings. Christmas Day is more of the same. What a difference from the doom and gloom of last year's holidays with Annie's cancer diagnosis and the uncertainty of her condition. I'm hopeful we will have a healthy 2014.

Merry Christmas to all!
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