Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Annie has made me very happy this last day of the year. Today for the first time since her surgery she spent two hours without the Elizabethan Collar; two hours without attempting to rub her eye. All previous attempts to doff the collar lasted a grand total of ten minutes or however long it takes to consume a meal.

Not very promising and that's why the length of time today was unprecedented. I removed the collar for breakfast then left it off while Annie sat with me before settling down for her late morning nap. My desire was to keep that collar off longer but not wanting to tempt fate I put it on again as I started my preparations for tonight.

You bet I'm grateful she's made significant progress. Tonight I'll remove it again for however long Annie stays with us. My goal is to have her E Collar-free when we keep our next Ophthalmologist appointment. A very Happy New Year to all, drink responsibly, drive safely and keep your furry family members out of harm's way.

First time without her protective collar.

Sleeping like a little angel.

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