Thursday, December 5, 2013


Have you ever wondered what goes on in a cat's head? I have. Orphée's reactions to Annie's absence and her surgery were a bit of a surprise.

I'm sure he was thrilled to have the run of the house when I left with Annie. When he realized I came home without her, he appeared to be a bit subdued and a bit lost which is surprising since he never seeks Annie out for companionship, play or warmth as Buddy did.

When Annie returned home and I finished all my fussing, Orphée realized she was set up to use the couch. After awhile, he decided it was time to stare her down. Usually Annie will give in then move to the recliner but Artie prevented that from happening. Orphée realized his ruse didn't work so he decided to make himself comfortable at the other end of the couch. Later on as Annie lay in a deep sleep, Orphée slowly went up to her to smell her face.

The final surprise came that evening. Orphée beds down for the night every night on the couch. When it became apparent Annie was spending the night in his coveted spot, he ran off to take advantage of hogging my bed where he happily stayed the last two nights - something he never did before.

Cozy together on the couch.

Happy as a pig in mud hogging my bed.

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