Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Annie's home and resting comfortably.  She was surprisingly active when I picked her up around noontime. Just a bit subdued but not by much, she was happy to see me and interested in climbing on chairs, seeing other animals and in sniffing everything in sight.

The task of making sure she has a good recovery is a daunting one. I spent the afternoon getting her settled, making sure she doesn't jump on or off the furniture. We're also avoiding running around and rough play. After she rested awhile I gave her a meal. To get her fed I had to hand feed her a few pieces of turkey then spoon feed her until she found a good angle to eat without the Elizabethan Collar getting in the way.

Then I had to sort out the medicines. Annie's taking two kinds of pills and using four kinds of eye drops. The pills are easy enough to dispense, twice a day with food. The eye drops however are another matter. Two of the eye drops need to be administered four times daily; the third eye drop twice daily and the final eye drop can be administered two or three times daily or up to six times daily if needed. 

I sat down to write up a schedule which I will tweak if necessary to make it more convenient. Next Tuesday she has a follow-up visit to check her progress. In the meantime I'm thrilled to have her home.

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