Friday, December 27, 2013


Last week the news carried a story about a blind man named Cecil Williams who became faint while waiting for a Manhattan subway train. He fell to the tracks and his guide dog, a black lab named Orlando, jumped to the rescue. While Orlando tried to assist his owner, people on the platform signaled the motorman who stopped the train but could not prevent the first car and a half from going over the duo.

In a true Christmas season miracle both survived their harrowing ordeal. Mr. Williams was hospitalized with a cut on the head; Orlando was untouched. After 8 years as companions-in-life Orlando who is 11 years old was slated to retire this month. The two would have to part because Mr. Williams could not afford to keep Orlando as a non-working pet.

Can one miracle beget another? Definitely! A good Samaritan started a fundraising page and more than enough money was donated to allow Orlando to remain with Cecil Williams.

A wonderful Christmas story.

2 buddies sharing quality time. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

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