Thursday, December 12, 2013


There were a couple of days' rain and snow, outside was slushy, messy and with a dip in temperature, terribly cold. The cats didn't come around until the weather cleared. One by one each showed up in turn checking for food and water.

Artie came home to find Porch Guy checking out the empty food dishes and frozen water bowls. There was that moment of mutual recognition then Porch Guy did something he never did before - he ran up to Artie in a way that communicated he was thankful his pal was here to serve up dinner. He even allowed Artie to touch him.

Dinner was served in due course with a bowl of warmed water to wash the meal down. Will Porch Guy be the next member of our indoor family? Artie and I are talking about bringing him in soon.

Great meal Artie, thanks!

Hangin' out with my best buds.

Who could resist this face?!

Catching some rays on the front doorstep.

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