Sunday, December 15, 2013


Today I only have a few minutes to scribble an update. Annie did something last night which caused her to break a chunk out of her Elizabethan Collar the size of a silver dollar. We don't know if it happened on the back porch or in the house. Neither of us saw it and we never found the missing piece of plastic but it happened in the excitement of Artie arriving home.

Apparently she either hit or rubbed her eye - the one with the artificial lens. She started squinting, holding the eye shut; there was tearing and redness. In the midst of a Nor'easter, we called for a radio car and headed for emergency. 

With great good fortune, we traveled there and back without incident. No damage to Annie's eye but she's back on her anti-inflammatory for discomfort and I have another appointment this Tuesday to follow-up with her eye doctor.

Today she is the perfect little angel, allowing me to put in eye drops without a fight, taking her meds without a fuss and behaving as she should. Do you think she knows she's 'in the doghouse' for whatever she did last night? I think she does.

It's now time for her second round of eye drops; I'm off to play Florence Nightingale.


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    1. Thanks, RL, but we're not out of the woods until the Ophthalmologist checks her tomorrow. We're hoping for the best.