Thursday, December 5, 2013


There was nothing unusual to report to the surgeon today when he made the usual customary follow up call to check on his furry patient. Annie is doing better. She's experiencing very little blinking, squinting and tearing. No redness of the eye or anything unusual that I can see. 

She did manage to maneuver the Elizabethan Collar in such a way as to rub her eye once on my pant-leg and once on Artie's. She keeps trying to rub her eye with her paw or on the furniture but can't. And she's being persistent in keeping her eye closed on the eye drops although I must admit she is taking her pills without a battle - cream cheese is her new favored food.

The doctor's assistant suggested brick cream cheese as a good way to administer pills and the cream cheese provided a definite advantage over peanut butter. You can make firm little balls with the pill tucked inside that you can't make with peanut butter. The doctor suggested using bits of cream cheese to make the eye drop routine easier and so far it's working. I'm hoping the cream cheese will cut the amount of time we spend administering eye drops down considerably.

Last night Annie did not want to sleep on the couch and Orphée did not want to sleep on my bed. Finally Artie and I gave up and gave in allowing Orphée back into the living room and Annie back on my bed with the four-legged foot stool from my wing chair serving as a stepladder. A good decision as everyone slept peacefully through the night.

We're settling into a routine of sorts and I hope we stay the course until next Tuesday's checkup.

Sleeping like an angel after giving Mom a devil of a time.

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