Sunday, December 8, 2013


On the mend since Monday's surgery, Annie has been sleeping most of the time. We had a bit of rain and mist during Friday and early Saturday leaving the front and back porches soggy. 

Sometime Friday, Annie came awake wandering quite reluctantly to the back door, my signal to let her out. Her whole demeanor suggested she'd rather be sleeping but Nature called and she had to answer. Once she was on the porch Annie was totally transformed. Alert and reinvigorated, she wagged her tail, wiggled her butt, danced around, ran back and forth all the while letting out a woof or a bark to let everyone know she was still around.

It was funny to she her come alive changing from a sleepyhead to an energizer bunny. And I was thankful to see her so alert. 

Queen of her domain.

Getting a good view of her yard for the first time with two good eyes.
Surveying everything.

Ahh Mom, do I have to come in?

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