Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Thankfully, Annie is back on track.  All her stomach issues have cleared up and she's eating twice a day, both meals normal size for her.

Buddy isn't howling or crying for food anymore but I don't really know if that's a good thing.  His food intake has  gone down a bit although it's steady.  He's taking his meds and holding still for his Sub Q.  He's happy and comfortable which is very important to both myself and my brother.

I keep wondering what the end will be like for Buddy.  Will it happen at a time when we can bring him into Dr. Young's practice.  We want Annie to be present when Buddy goes to sleep for the last time; it's important she knows she has lost her friend.  If we have to put him to sleep we will - the very last thing we want is for him to suffer.

It might seem silly but I hope I remember to take his collar with me when he's gone.  Since he joined our family he's been wearing a bright blue collar with a small silver-tone bell and a baby blue heart charm that I crafted for him.  Buddy is certainly unique and when his life is over, he will be cremated.  The collar and charms will be our keepsake along with the photos we have of him.

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