Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Well, my brother and I are both very relieved.  Buddy pooped on his own yesterday.  It was small but at least he didn't need another enema!

Even so, we're not exactly "dancing in the aisles" yet.  He's still not eating a decent amount of food.  We suspect a possible oral problem which would not be a good thing.  He's drooling quite often and his breath smells sour.  In short, we suspect a bad tooth.  He is letting me touch his face, chin and mouth so I'm not 100% sure of our "diagnosis".

Today's project is to read up on this to determine if we need to visit the doctor.  If so, I'll groom him and make an appointment.

I just wanted to post this update; now I'm signing off to take care of him and Annie.  First and foremost, I need to see if I can get more food into him.  We weighed him and he's down to 6 lbs.  Not good in my estimation.

Also, I need to remember we still might need to give him another enema if the bathroom issue isn't completely resolved.  It will be a nice Valentine's Day if we can avoid any big issues, disasters or emergencies.  Oh, well...

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